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Manicure / Pedicure

Our nail technicians provide manicures, pedicures and specialty nail services that are impeccable. Our technicians make you feel pampered while you enjoy this time to take care of yourself. We promote toe flirting and feeling fabulous. Our top notch products are Essie, OPI and Vinyl Lux. 

Nail & Foot Care Treatments

Classic Manicure

30 minutes ... $20.00

This is a traditional manicure which includes cuticle care, hand massage, nail shaping and polish.

Paraffin Manicure

45 minutes ... $35.00

Our classic manicure followed by an ultra-rich lotion massage and a dip in a heated paraffin bath to re-hydrate tough skin and cuticles.

Casbah Spa Manicure

45 minutes ... $30.00

This treatment begins with an exfoliation and hand and arm massage. It is then followed by an application of seaweed for intense hydration. Your hands will be wrapped while the heated mitts will activate the marine minerals to sooth your skin, making you feel warm and cozy. Finish with a warm towel and the polish of your choice.

Glycolic Hand Peel

45 minutes ... $40.00

This is our anti-aging hand treatment. This intense treatment uses glycolic acid to even out skin texture, improve elasticity, and lighten freckles and age spots and increase hydration level. Add to our classic manicure for an enhanced benefit.

Cafe' Latte Manicure

50 minutes ... $50.00

This 50 minute manicure is a latte more than our classic manicure. Your hands are submerged in a warm milk bath to soothe and moisturize your skin. Next is an exfoliation with our body coffee polish, enriched with essential oils. A hand and arm massage completes this energizing experience.

Spa Pedicure

60 minutes ... $45.00

Your treatment begins with a thorough cleansing & exfoliation of the legs and feet. A mask is applied to reduce puffiness and stimulate circulation. A massage with our signature mango body butter is the final touch. Heavenly after a long hard day.

Casbah Spa Pedicure

60 minutes ... $60.00

Pamper your tired feet and enjoy a soothing and relaxing bath while your nail specialist massages your feet. An application of warm seaweed enriched with minerals is the highlight of this soothing pedicure that sweeps away all your pedi-pains.

Gylcolic Foot Peel

60 minutes ... $70.00

This is our anti-aging foot treatment. This intensive treatment uses glycolic acid to even out skin texture, improve elasticity, lighten freckles and age spots and increase hydration level. Begin your service by immersing your feet in a detoxifying bath, followed by an exfoliation of dull skin on the soles of your feet. You are then massaged from your shins to your toes using therapeutic techniques. Finish with a fresh marine foot mask.

Therapeutic Sports Pedicure

60 minutes ... $60.00

This treatment is for those who 'bruise' their feet and toes. This is our spa pedicure with additional skilled attention to your cuticles, calluses, and other feet complexities.

Paraffin Pedicure

60 minutes ... $60.00

Our spa pedicure followed by a massage and a dip in heated paraffin bath.

Petite Pedicure

30 minutes ... $30.00

This 30 minute express pedicure is ideal for those "on the go" or as an in between maintenance pedicure. Your nail specialist will cleanse and offer your choice of callus or cuticle cutting . A light foot massage will follow.

Nail & Foot Care Treatments

Seasonal Pedicure

60 minutes ... $80.00

This lavish and soothing pedicure changes with the seasons. You always begin with your feet submerged in a soothing and moisturizing bath. An alpha-hydroxyl acid peel follows to repair even the most wounded of feet. The ultimate finishing touch is a scrub and veil of creamy moisturizer which captures the season, making this one of our favorites.

Tropical Citrus Pedicure

80 minutes ... $95.00

We call this our Fruitopia experience for the feet! Your soles are soaked in a fresh bath of citrus and aromatherapy oils. We cleanse your feet with the assistance of fresh lemons, limes & oranges. We exfoliate your skin with a citrus sea salt scrub and pamper your toes with a warm paraffin mask. To finish off this 80 minute indulging experience we give you a 30 minute foot massage with our citrus shea body butter cream. A refreshing sweet treat is an added bonus.

Pomegranate Pedicure

60 minutes ... $80.00

The fresh burst of lime lulls the senses into its far-eastern mystique. Let the alluring pomegranate fragrance captivate you with its sweet embrace. The infusion of the antioxidant and hydrating benefits of both the pomegranate and the collegen creme makes this an intense treatment that stimulates the senses for hours.

The Coffee Pedicure

60 minutes ... $80.00

Prepare to put your best foot forward after receiving our luxurious pedicure treatment. It begins with a warm milk bath. While the milk swirls about your calves, each foot is cleansed and, one-by-one, rough spots are rubbed away. Next, your lower legs, heels, arches, foot pads, toes and the tops of your feet are softly exfoliated and your cares are massaged away with a unique blend of dead sea salts, ground coffee beans and essential oils. Instantly you feel revitalized, energized & ready to walk, no, make that run! An energizing sweet treat makes this a latte fun!

Soothing Lavender Pedicure

60 minutes ... $75.00

An infusion of fresh lavender and essential oils invite your feet on a soothing journey of total relaxation. We exfoliate your soles with our lavender salt and massage you from knee to toe with our lavender body butter. We dare you to stay awake during this relaxation vacation. A cup of chamomile tea locks in the relaxation benefits.

Margarita Pedicure

60 minutes ... $80.00

Lose yourself in this luxurious, hydrating and soothing antioxidant treatment. You will begin with an exfoliation with our lime sugar scrub which exfoliates and stimulates circulation. Continue your journey to total tootsie bliss with our invigorating citrus milk bath, which is then followed by a relaxing foot massage using our lime massage lotion. This treatment is served with a margarita and an experience you can have alone or with your favorite girlfriends!

Coconut Pedicure

60 minutes ... $80.00

Imagine sitting on an exotic beach while you sip a a Pina Colada! Soak your footsies in an essential oil milk foot bath, followed by an exfoliation using our Colada sparkle sugar scrub to remove the dead skin cells with delicate sugar crystals to reveal beautiful new skin. Continue your reality break as you zone out during your foot and leg massage with our super luxurious Colada Lotion which locks in intense hydration. The unique balance of vitamins and nutrients repairs dry and damaged skin and stimulates the senses.

Shellac Manicure

60 minutes ... $45.00

Make your perfect manicure last forever...well at least 14 days! Consider a gel manicure for a lasting, shiny, walk out the door ready to go mani. Please let us know ahead of time if you already have gel on and it needs to be soaked off. This process will take additional time and you will need to arrive 20 minutes PRIOR to your scheduled appointment to allow time for the soak off process. Nail Enhancements and french gel manicure will be an additional expense.


60 minutes ... $75.00

60 minutes ... $55.00

60 minutes ... $45.00

Acrylic nail enhancement is ideal for those who are looking for a natural looking, strong long nail. Full set, overlay and fill services are available. Prices are FULL SET/ OVERLAY/FILLS

Dip Powder

60 minutes ... $45.00

60 minutes ... $55.00

Dip Powder is an odorless nail enhancement system using glue and powder for a lasting (3-4 weeks) manicured nail. French dip powder is additional.This process will take additional time and you will need to arrive 20 minutes PRIOR to your scheduled appointment to allow time for the soak off process. PRICE FOR NATURAL NAIL/NAIL EXTENSION. French Dip Powder will be an additional charge.

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