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Spa Packages

Casbahs distinctive take on Spa Packages sets us apart. Our enticing specialty treatments are unique and designed to healing perfection. We have your Bliss covered. Join us for a slice of wonderful. 

Signature Spa Packages

Our famous "The Hangover" body treatment

50 minutes ... $155.00

The absolutely perfect remedy for you or the ultimate gift you can give to another. This 50 minute service will bring you back to life! Arrive a half hour before your service and let the rejuvenation begin with a steam. Start your experience with a cup of tea or hair of the dog, why not? Going down recovery lane, we begin with a natural Coffee Scrub that will revive and help detox your body. Followed by a hydrating milk soak in our Jacuzzi where candles, refreshments, Blowfish hangover remedy drink, cold towels and cucumbers accompany you. Everything will melt away in this re-balancing and hydrating soak. To top off this re-charging experience you will receive a warm Indian Scalp Massage and our Signature Hot and Cold Face and Neck Massage

Rock the Casbah Package

3 1/2 hours (lunch and gratuity included) ... $415.00

Casbah's signature treatments combined in one package. Indulge in Casbah's Essential Facial where your skin care specialist will pamper and revitalize your skin for a new you. The journey continues with a signature favorite Rock the Casbah Massage, where hot stones and massage are combined for ultimate deep relaxation. Final touch is a Casbah Spa Manicure and Casbah Spa Pedicure. Rock on!

Life's a Beach

80 minutes ... $205.00

We bring the beach to you! We will tantalize your senses with an exfoliating Coconut Body Scrub. Your beach day continues with a Coconut Aromatherapy Massage, incorporating Hot and Cold Stone Face Massage to refresh and relax you. Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, we perform an invigorating Scalp Massage with warm coconut oil. No worries mon! You can complement this service with a Coconut Pedicure for an additional charge.

I'm Sexy and I Know It

2 hours ... $155.00

What a way to start the day! The makeover begins in our salon with a Hair Wash and Blow Dry for flawless tresses. Next stop, enjoy a Manicure and Petite Pedicure. We complete your day of beauty with a personalized Spray Tan making you absolutely radiant. You will have nothing left to do but put on your party dress. You are ready for a night out on the town glowing, relaxed and beautiful from head to toe! You sexy thing!


2 1/2 hours (lunch and gratuity included) ... $205.00

Renew the spirit and relax the mind. Enjoy a Manicure, Pedicure and a European Facial or Aromatherapy Massage. This is Spa Essentials 101.

It's 5 O'Clock Somewhere

80 minutes ... $175.00

We give you a license to chill. Your journey starts with an Anti-Stress Soak with Aromatherapy of your choice. Your candlelight soak is complemented with cold towels and refreshments. Your experience continues by receiving a Rock the Casbah Hot and Cold Stone Massage to ensure you are completely in the chill zone. Feels like 5 o’clock to me. Margarita please!

Thelma and Louise

2 hours ... $445.00

Bring your best friend and let's get this spa party started! Start your girls' day with a refreshment and a steam. First stop is two 50 minute Aromatherapy Massages including a Paraffin Foot Treatment (which we fondly call heaven in a bag.) Next destination is to a skin care specialist where you will each be pampered with a customized 50 minute Facial and a revitalizing eye treatment. We complete your experience by serving you champagne, wine and cheese. How friend-tastic!

Sports Recovery Package

80 minutes ... $200.00

Warm your fatigued muscles up with a steam and then you are ready for your Romanian Mud Soak, which is rich in minerals to relieve your sore muscles. Just sit back and relax in our hydrotherapy tub and your muscles will thank you. We follow your Soak with an invigorating Sports Massage and target Foot Massage. You’re welcome!

Soul Journey

2 hours ... $260.00

The journey to complete harmony is found here. We embark on this journey with the Shirodhara Experience, where warm oil is gently dripped over your 'third eye', evoking complete restored balance. Next destination is relaxing in our Hydrotherapy Tub to soothe and rejuvenate your body. Your ritual continues with an Aromatherapy Massage to bring your body to complete relaxation. In addition, Tibetan Bowls (the art of sound therapy) will be placed over your body bringing tranquility to the mind, body, spirit connection. Enjoy a cup of tea and Breathe.

Spoiled Rotten

5 1/2 hours ... $475.00

The Ultimate Full Day Package! Your day of pampering begins with a reviving Body Scrub to exfoliate and renew your skin. To ensure you are in a state of complete relaxation, next stop is an Aromatherapy Massage. Your luxurious day continues with a European Facial, customized to suit your skin care needs. Your day would not be complete without a Casbah Spa Pedicure and Casbah Spa Manicure. Final touch is a Kerastase Spa Hair Treatment to hydrate and nourish your tired tresses. Lunch is included. Pinch me, am I dreaming?

A Year of Total Bliss

Make this a year to remember! A choice of 12 Aromatherapy Massages or European Facials includes gratuity.

Men's Retreat 101

Men's Hot Towel Facial

50 minutes ... $90.00

Treatment begins with hot face towels and eucalyptus to rejuvenate your senses. Deep cleansing and exfoliation facial made expressly for the masculine complexion. This treatment is combined with gentle extractions to remove excess dirt and oil, and customized masque. Every man will receive a meticulous analysis of his skin and a relaxing massage of face, neck and shoulders. A New Man Emerges.

Hello, Handsome

2 1/2 hours ... $250.00

Men deserve to be pampered! Your day starts off with a sharp haircut. Next stop is a customized facial with a skin care specialist to refresh and give your skin a boost. We complete your journey with a invigorating Sports Massage. Man up!

Gentlemen's Manicure

25 minutes ... $20.00

Groomed nails, maintenance and a soothing hand massage.

Gentlemen's Pedicure

50 minutes ... $45.00

This treatment provides instant relief for stressed and tired feet. Cooling and refreshing, it leaves the feet soothed, relaxed and groomed. Specialized toenail treatments are available. Cerveza?

Signature Spa Packages

Who's the BOSS?!

80 minutes ... $175.00

We melt away your worries with a unique 80 minute treatment! First you receive a 50 minute Aromatherapy Massage of your choice (Deep Tissue or Swedish) then you choose two other services from the following list to create your Ultimate Experience. Pick two: Hot stone– Hot stone back massage. Cupping – Ancient technique using cups and negative pressure to carry away toxins, soften muscles and loosen adhesions. Foot massage – Focused foot massage to relieve tired tootsies.Indian Scalp Massage – Invigorating scalp massage with warm peppermint oil.Signature Face Treatment – Hot and cold stone face massage. Tibetan Singing Bowls – Singing bowls placed over your body offer complete balance and harmony.

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